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Montreal Economic Institute highlights the role forestry can play in growing a circular economy
Our forests have a decisive role to play in our collective fight against climate change. A recent publication from the Montreal Economic Institute highlights how a healthy forest sector can help secure a more sustainable future.
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Building More Sustainable Communities in Canada
Communities across Canada are realizing the incredible potential of mass-timber construction. When we build tall with wood, we not only reduce carbon pollution during construction by up to 45%, but because carbon stays stored in wood products like lumber, tall wood buildings continue to serve as a carbon store long after the wood used in their construction has left the forest.
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Land management’s role in raging forest fire seasons
With worsening wildfire and forest pest outbreaks, monitoring and managing these disturbances ensure our forests continue to serve as a critical carbon sink in our fight against climate change.
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Getting to Net-Zero Together
The Canadian forestry industry has made tremendous strides over the last couple of decades in becoming a global leader in sustainable forest management and our zero-waste approach is putting us on the path to a net-zero carbon economy by 2050.
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Working with Nature’s Resiliency
Not only is Canada recognized as a global leader in the sustainable management of the world’s most renewable resource – trees – we’re also finding new ways to use our forests to augment our nature-based carbon storage potential.
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From Zero Waste to Net Zero, Canada’s Forests Are Critical to a Cleaner, Greener Future
Canada’s sustainably-managed forests and the carbon-storing wood products they provide are key to supporting Canada’s transition to a net-zero carbon economy by 2050 - meeting conservation targets and creating the quality green jobs of tomorrow at the same time. Media are invited to join Forest Products Association of Canada (FPAC) for a virtual tour of a sustainable managed forest area followed by a live Q&A session with Derek Nighbor, FPAC’s President and CEO, and Étienne Bélanger, FPAC’s Director of Forestry.
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How Lim Geomatics is using new technology to change an old industry
By Joe Castaldo - Through consistent innovation and world-leading technological advancements, Canada’s forest sector is leading the charge towards helping reduce our reliance on fossil fuels and becoming a zero-waste industry.
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Protecting Canada’s Forestry Industry
The forest sector is building an inclusive sector, one that allows opportunity for all and supports the growth of Indigenous peoples.
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How can B.C. defend, protect itself against devastating wildfire seasons?
By Alanna Kelly – Communities across Canada – especially in British Columbia – are establishing wildfire mitigation plans to protect their residents and the forests they live near.
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Mass Timber: Shaping the Future
By John Tenpenny – Canadians from coast to coast are realizing that mass timber projects will shape the future of low-carbon construction, the development of the bioeconomy, and ultimately a greener and more sustainable future.
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Why Professional Forestry is a Career Requiring More Than Just a Passion for the Outdoors
Canada’s professional foresters play an essential role in keeping our forests healthy and our communities safer from wildfire risks.
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Yes, We Can Grow 1 Trillion Trees to Help Fight Climate Change
By Jad Daley & Marc Benioff – There’s a nature-based solution to the planetary emergency that is climate change: trees. Here in Canada, we’re leading the world in sustainable forest management, paving a way towards a net-zero future and keepings forests as forests forever.
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Canada can embrace forestry’s powerful climate change solutions
By Steve Colombo, PhD - Realizing the role that Canada’s forests play in mitigating climate change by capturing carbon in both our forests and wood products is crucial to a national emissions reduction strategy. (From Winnipeg Free Press)
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Forestry does not equal deforestation – and other lessons I’ve learned as a Canadian forester
By Lacey Rose - Long-time Canadian forester Lacey Rose shares why she’s both a proud member of the forestry industry and lifelong tree-hugger (From Wood Business)
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Plant trees, sure. But to save the climate, we should also cut them down.
By Jonah Bader - Our forests have a critical role to play in capturing carbon and limiting the effects of climate change (From CNN)
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